Christmas decorations

Hello hello all, best season for all the crafters out there. So much choice of ornaments and ways of exploring beautiful creations ūüôā

First year I am trying this out but I absolutely love them.







Make the most of the holidays


xo xo


First KoSie Stall

Drum roll please….

This Sunday I had my first ever KoSie Stall at a very popular local crafts fair. Everything during the day went great  and all the people there where wonderful. The event was hosted by The Castle Bude, Café, Galleries and Heritage Centre.

I had a good friend with me, she was ¬†attending mostly to help with my nerves and taking the pressure off, at the end¬†was just a great day having tea, cakes and more biscuits ūüôā and meeting many many people.


These are my first creations besides the ones for my daughter and I cafe the creative flow getting stronger and stronger.


My pattern  inspiration comes from the infamous Japanese books and Criss-Cross Tunic reversible by Whimsy Couture.

More on Christmas Decorations next time ūüôā

all the best

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Little Practice

I got myself some cute fabric, some cream bias and cord…


and made this for my girls room ūüôā


all the best



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New Sewing books

Hello, I hope you enjoyed a few sunny days last week. Waking up in the morning and feeling the warmth in the air is a precious experience by itself. It got me thinking that my kiddies will need a lighter layered wardrobe soon.

Since this will be my first¬†attempt¬†to sew clothes I thought I should get books to guide me. I have chosen a book by Yoshiro Tsukiori “Stylish Dress Book”, what attracted me most in this book is how elegant all the outfits are. I am hopping I would be fine¬†scaling¬†the patterns down to my little girl’s frame. the patterns are printed on thick white paper, hence it will be easy to trace over them to make my own copies. there is no fun in ruining a new pattern when you are an¬†amateur¬†like moi.



the second book I chose is “The Colette Sewing Handbook” which is a great first book for new¬†sewers¬†in my opinion. It offers many¬†photographs¬†and detailed instructions for creating and altering garments. I have been enjoying reading the book and I¬†definitely¬†practice from it. Unfortunately the patterns provided are on brown rice paper and I am a bit precious about them…

photo (3)



I hope you all have a great weekend, please leave me a comment with more suggestion for sewing books for beginners  I will be posting my efforts soon enough!

Take care



Learning new Stitches

This week has been about learning new patterns and practising more with my tension. at this point I like to express my gratitude  to all the lovely youTubers that offer a majestic variety of tutorials.

I found an excellent tutorial for really simple baby booties. My sister had a gorgeous baby girl recently and I want to make a little something for her.







This was my first¬†attempt¬†and I will try a few more elegant pairs, after all a lady can not have¬†enough¬†pair of shoes ūüėČ .

As I mentioned earlier I had to practise with my tension and I made another crochet collar in magenta, I love this little project. I am getting a bit faster now (compared to me) and it is an easy project to do during an evening film.


I wish all of you a great new week, thank you for stopping by!


Go on guess, what will this be????


ooooh I have been so upset, trying to work with the lace cotton and size 2 hooks and I can’t. I have to tell you first time I¬†understand¬†the¬†expression¬†“butter fingers”.

That is why I moved on to the twine…

Amazing color isn’t it? such a great product smooooth.

Thank you for stopping by,

take care



Rag Doll for storing grocery bags, done!


Rag Doll IMG_5393

Finally finished my Rag Doll, she needs a few tweaks here and there as every prototype does,of course.  With the Easter holidays and the kids being off school everything else happens in sloooow motion.


She has a big skirt to accommodate all the ugly plastic grocery bags you might have at home. I try to reuse every bag that comes our way, to minimise waste. I know I should use my long life bags more often, unfortunately not always prepared for grocery shopping. My main problem was that I had nowhere to store them and they were  all over the place.




The bags go in from the back¬†slit¬†opening and kept in the nice skirt ( that needs a few crochet flowers on ) and then pulled out from the bottom as you need them. Let me know what you think. I would start¬†again tonight with¬†a different face,cause I m not that in love with this one. Who ever can spot the pencil tracings on the face, yes please do send me a note saying “do not draw on the fabric with B¬†pencil¬†try a H perhaps?” I hope you had lovely holidays ūüôā KoSie xoxo



Crochet books

Being an amatuer in crochet and knitting, I am looking for advice and help in books and on You Tube. Books are good because you can look at a static diagram and YouTube videos are useful becuase you can rewind, pause and start again. How kind are the people that offer their knowledge for free? Thank you all so much.

In a previous post I mentioned the first book that I bought and I still trully love. Unfortunately it is not the one that I am using to learn and practice but the following books are.

IMG_5252 IMG_5253IMG_5254IMG_5255IMG_5256

With no further ado the next book has very clear coloured diagrams and very clear easy to follow text.

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323

I started reading this book and suddenly I could now see the secret code of the crochet language. I have to say that it offers what it says on the title ‚ÄĚCrocheting in Plain English‚Äú. Perfect book for a beginner written by a lovely lady,very easy to follow. I immediately bought her other book about knitting.

IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5327

The following  books are very good for inspiration and ways to move on bigger projects.



¬†Last but not least at my current collection is the “Ultimate Crochet Bible”, which has excellent description of every¬†possible¬†stitch¬†from around the world. Very clear diagrams and description.IMG_5330 IMG_5331

I would also recoment the following magazine for when you get a second to indulge ūüėČ

IMG_5332 IMG_5333

I hope you are having a lovely day